Research & Advice

Focusing on pastoralist areas, the SUNARPA team analyses and assesses:

  • the nexus between environmental governance, environmental quality and the well-being of pastoralists
  • the dimension of law: constitutional rights, national, regional, legal policy frameworks and customary law
  • the relationship between natural resource management, gender and conflict the relationship between different tenure systems and their impact on natural resources and conflicts
  • security and armed conflicts
  • the livestock production systems and market supply
  • the interaction between pastoral and farming systems
  • territoriality, identity and conflict
  • traditional mechanisms of conflict resolution
  • the impact of policies on pastoral livelihoods and vice versa (multi-level perspective)
  • strategies of management, rehabilitation and conservation of natural resources
  • the dynamics of adapting to climate change & variability, desertification
  • the regional & cross-border dimension

The SUNARPA team provides evidence-based know-how and advice to policy makers and development actors.