New Generation University College Ethiopia

The New Generation University College (NGUC) was founded in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia in 2002. The founders aimed to provide superior education and total quality higher education opportunities to the younger generation of Ethiopia and beyond. The founders of this college had taken into account the great demand and needs of the country for quality private higher education to meet the increased demand for trained manpower.

NGUC believes that in today’s age of globalization movement cross-fertilization of academic program, is becoming a crucial factor in the development effort of every nation. Currently NGU is already in the process of:

  • Partnering with Colleges & Universities different countries.
  • Recruiting international lecturers,
  • Enrolling International Students,
  • Establishing International Advisory Board;
  • Adapting different countries’ relevant curriculum concepts;
  • Developing many other academic linkage Programs; and
  • Internationally recognized, integrated and applied curriculum development.

NGUC offers the following academic programs:

  • Computer science
  • Global Studies & International Relation
  • Business Administration
  • Management Information System(MIS)
  • Law
  • Accounting and Finance
  • Human Resource Management & Leadership
  • Accounting-Level V
  • Information Technology- Level III
  • Marketing- Level IV
  • Law/Legal Service- Level V
  • Secretarial Science- Level IV
  • Human Resource Management- Level III